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Aquaguard RO Water Purifier

Aquaguard water purifiers are some of the oldest and most popular options in India. The brand has over 36 years of research and understanding of the Indian water conditions and the best water purification technologies. In fact, Aquaguard is one of the few water purifier brands that have 18 water labs that constantly test the water samples across the country.

Aquaguard has developed a wide range of water purification technologies to address different water conditions, as not all types of water can be purified using any one technology.
Aquaguard water purifiers have been tested and certified by over 135 laboratories worldwide and have also been endorsed by the Indian Medical Association.

The brand has earned several distinguished accolades such as the Golden Peacock Award, UNESCO Water Digest Awards, RED Dot Design Awards, and many other awards. The Dr. Aquaguard RO water purifier is designed with Universal, RO, and UV technology, Mineral Guard, and Biotron cartridges for the premium range of water purifiers.

Aquaguard provides consumers with a variety of water purification options, including UV, UV+UF, RO, and RO+UV, that are moderately priced.

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Why Should You Buy Aquaguard RO Purifier?

 When you purchase any water purifier from Aquaguard or Dr. Aquaguard, you can be confident in two things: product quality and after-sales service.
We always recommend acquiring water purifiers from brands that have dependable customer support and after-sales service and Aquaguard is certainly one such brand.
Our aquaguard RO water purifiers come with several other handy features like intel e-boiling, a taste enhancer, and an Electronic membrane life enhancer. The TDS regulator and Mineral Guard feature help to preserve essential minerals in the purified water.

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