Dr Aquaguard

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Its time to bid goodbye to water borne diseases with the all new Dr. Aquaguard Classic. With simplified operations and improvised functioning, the purifier delivers the healthiest form of water that is safe for consumption at all times.


  • IPS that works as a smart sensor to stop the water flow immediately, if the level of purification is not 100%
  • Biotron cartridge that breaks complex water molecules into fine clusters to give you the benefits of pure water in a quicker span of time
  • Auto shut off that turns off the UV lamp when it is not in use for 10 minutes, enhancing the life of UV lamp and in turn saving on power consumption
  • Unique e-boiling to ensure that the water is as pure and safe as the water boiled for over 20 minutes
  • Pre-filter traps dust and mud in places where turbidity of the water is high
Dr Aquaguard

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